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CA standards

Lang. arts blueprints (Gr 2-10)




Reading and spelling skills
Audio concentration
Which word has the same vowel sound?
What's the Word? (match picture/word)
IIt's a goal! (CVC practice)
Word Blender (Consonant clusters)
Drag and Spell (Long vowel)
Poem Pack (Long vowels)
Star Words (sight words)
Sandcastle quiz (vowel phonemes)
Word endings 1
Word endings 2
Word endings 3
Spelling pictures
2Bee (correct forms of to be)
Body Parts match
Word Builder
Changing y to i
Plural Girls
Plural fishing
Type in the plural form

Singles and plurals
Plurals with an -s
Plurals with an -s or -es
Plural -f ending
Mixed plurals
Irregular plurals jig-words
Irregular plurals jig-words 2
Irregular plurals MatchWords
Irregular plurals MatchWords 2

Irregular plurals fill-in
Spell Check
Sandcastle quiz (vowel phonemes)
See and Spell
Snap it (long vowels)
Drag and Spell
(Long vowel)
Harcout Brace Spelling
Spelling Match
Word Confusion (homophones)
Compound word matching
Compound word drag and drop
Syllable factory

Words with Ch-, Sh-, Th- crossword
Words with KN, WR, ST, or MB crossword
Words with ch- crossword
Words with sh- crossword
Words with st- crossword
Words with sw- crossword
Words with tr- crossword
Words with wh- crossword
Words with nd, ng, nk- crossword
Words with s, es crossword
Words with long a- crossword
Words with long e- crossword
Words with short e- crossword
Words with longi- crossword
Words with longo- crossword
Words with oo- crossword

Everglades spelling
Word unscramble (two levels)

Handwriting for Kids

Language conventions
Clean Up Your Grammar
Build a Sentence
Sentences - Harcourt
Parts of a sentence
Commas in dates and place names
Grammar Gorillas (ID part of speech)
Alien Land Mine - Choose noun or verb
Plural nouns
Proper nouns
Present tense verbs 
Past tense verbs

Helping verbs
Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives
Come, run and give
Is this sentence correct?
Which is a complete sentence?
Sentence or fragment
Making Sentences
Complete the sentence
Put in order
SuperNova Sentence Puzzles - Choose noun or verb

Punctuation Paintball

Prefix jig-words
Prefix quiz
Latin and Greek roots and prefixes

Suffix quiz
Suffixes - -less, -ness, -ly, -ful
Suffix crossword -er -or- ist
Suffix crossword -ful, -ly, -tion, -sion

Multiple meanings
More multiple meanings

Synonym matchup
Synonym challenge
Synonyn (Nussbaum)

Antonym matchup
Antonym challenge
Antonyms- Nussbaum

Alien Land Mine - Choose antoynym or synonym)

Code Calling (find another word that fits)
Word-definition match
Fake Out (guess definition)

Nussbaum Reading Comprehension

Wacky Tales
Create your own adventure
Wacky Web Tales

English learners
Translator Alligator (Spanish/English game)
Animal jig-words (Spanish/English)
Animal memory (Spanish English)
SpeedWords (Spanish/English)
Spanish resources for kids
Portuguese resources for kids
Ramadan word search
Chinese New Year word search


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