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Short circuit (prefixes, suffixes, roots)
Prefix match
Prefix jig-words
Prefix MatchWord
Prefix skills
Rooting out Words
-less or -ment

Multiple meanings
More multiple meanings

Synonym Toast
Synonym challenge

Antonym matchup
Antonym challenge
Antonym Word Play
Antonym columns

Verb-definition match
Word-definition match
Rocket to the Moon (synonyms, antonyms and homonyms)

Context clues/Book Buddy

Commonly confused words
Words commonly confused
Word choice
Word choice b
There, their, or they're
There, their or they're 2
There, their or they're 3
It's, its, there, their or they're
To, too or two
No, now, know
Weather or whether
Were, we're, where
Your and you're
Who's and whose
Except, accept
Homophone express
Notorious confusables   
Commonly confused words
Commonly confused words 2
Commonly confused words 3

Rhyming dictionary
Word roots and prefixes

Fish 'em up (word endings - doubling letter, changing y)
Plural Play
Plural Girls
Singles and plurals
Irregular plurals jig-words
Irregular plurals jig-words 2
Irregular plurals MatchWords
Irregular plurals MatchWords 2

Gator's Smash 'Em
Word unscramble (two levels)

Spell Check
Sandcastle quiz (vowel phonemes)
See and Spell
Snap it (long vowels)
Drag and Spell
(Long vowel)
Harcout Brace Spelling
Spelling Match
Word Lab
Word Confusion (homophones)
Grilled Cheese Please


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