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U.S. geography:

Sea to Shining Sea game
Quia physical map game
Arrow game
Geographic regions learning level
Geographic regions game
Ocean learning level
Ocean game
River learning level
River game
Lake learning level
Lake game

State map jigsaw games
Place the States

Where is that? (Name the state)
Outline maps

U.S. history - lesson summaries
California Vistas - Making a New Nation
United States History: The Early Years
America's Story

United States of America Chronology (WebChron)
North America Chronology (WebChron)
The Library of Congress Presents: America's Story

Interactive American History Timeline (Nussbaum)
Timelines in American history
African-American history timeline
     Find the Face game
A Biography of America
American Memory
FactMonster almanac U.S. information   
FactMonster encyclopedia U.S. history
FactMonster U.S. atlas
US government websites for kids
Nussbaum USA activities
Biographies (Nussbaum)
US Presidents (Nussbaum)
US currency (Nussbaum)
Timeline game (US or world)

Freedom: A History of Us
   Test Your Knowledge
   Who Said What?
   Scavenger Hunt Through History

America's Stone Age Explorers (Nova)
Native American Cultures
Africans in America
    Frederick Douglass: The Meaning of July 4th for the Negro
James Fort Rediscovered
The Belle Surfaces at Matagorda Bay
Chart of the 13 original colonies
Colonial Kids
Boston Massacre Files
American Revolution (Nussbaum)
People of the American Revolution Quia
US Constitution Quiz
The Bill of Rights

Lewis and Clark - National Geographic
Lewis and Clark (Nussbaum)
Mexican-American War (1846-1848)
The Underground Railroad - National Geographic

History vocabulary

50 quarters program (U.S. Mint)


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