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Bungalo Auto Court

 ††††††††††† In 1930, S. C. Masterson built additional cottages at the existing Bungalo Auto Court, that he owned on San Pablo Avenue.It ran through to Kearney Street south of Manila Street.This is now where the El Cerrito City Hall is located.

 ††††††††††† The new additions were more modern than the old wooden cottages and they were larger with stucco on the outside. The driveway entrance was on San Pablo Avenue and Kearney Street.In later years, some of these buildings were moved across San Pablo Avenue to the west side of the avenue next to Beckís Grocery store and are now part of the now more modern Terrace Motel.

 ††††††††††† S. C. Mastersonís son was the well-known Judge Masterson in Richmond.


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