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Spring 2013 (Castro adobe)
Spring 2012 (Wagon trains)
Fall 2011 (Lincoln Highway)'
Summer 2011 (Good Government League)
Spring 2011 (Chung Mei Home for Boys)
Winter 2010 (El Cerrito High)
Fall 2010 (Camp Herms)
Summer 2010 (Cleaning up Gambling in El Cerrito)
Spring 2010 (El Cerrito City Attorney Tony Delap)
Winter 2009-10 (News only)
Fall 2009 (News only)
Summer 2009 (News only)
Spring 2009 (Election of 1946 & the Good Government League)
Winter 2009 (news only)
Fall 2008 (Shellmound at Ellis landing)
Summer 2008 (Point Isabel)
Spring 2008  (Secessionists in El Cerrito)
Winter 2008 (Serrito de San Antonio)
Fall 2007 (El Cerrito Library)
Summer 2007 (Fairmont School)
Spring 2007 (El Cerrito Incorporation, TEPCO Exhibit)
Winter 2007 (Harem Scarem in El Cerrito, Early California Population Project)
Fall 2006 (Nike Missiles in Wildcat Canyon)
Fall 2005 (Chung Mei Home)

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