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   El Cerrito Historical Society Meeting Summary
Sunday, January 14, 2007

This meeting was the Society's annual meeting and as such there was a potluck lunch, which was in turn followed by elections. Paul Grunland, the head of the Nominating Committee, placed the following persons before the society for election to the indicated offices: President: Tom Panas; Vice President: Grace MacNeill; Treasurer: Ruth Kibby; Secretary: Lucille Irish; and Director at Large: Verne Odlin. As there were no nominations from the membership, the nominations were closed. The slate of officers presented to the membership was elected by a voice vote.

The Speaker for the meeting was retired Superior Court Judge Wayne Westover. Judge Westover spent the majority of his career on the Bench in west Contra Costa County. He described the progression of the justice system in our area from the days of Victor Castro up to the present-day configuration of the Contra Costa County Court System. Judge Westover's broad knowledge of the history of this part of the county was evident in his responses to the many questions asked by the members of the Society. His long experience in the judiciary in the county provided both humorous and insightful observations on past and current workings of the bench and bar. Judge Westover's speech was gratefully acknowledged by the membership and the Judge graciously presented the Society with a copy of his book "The Bench and Bar of Contra Costa County".

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