Summary of Historical Society meeting
Oct, 19,2008

The President reported on the status of several activities of the Society. We have tried three times over the past five months to arrange a meeting of the City staff with the State Office of Historic Preservation. The staff has been completely unresponsive to our inquiries. Next, the President brought up the Society's project to name the creeks in El Cerrito . Society Director Rich Bartke asked the membership to consider joining the creek-naming task force and commented that he hoped to have a report ready for the next meeting.


At the July meeting the President reported that due to constraints imposed by The Bay Area Air Quality Management Board, no large-scale residential developments would be allowed within 150 feet of Interstate 80. The import of this is that some of the housing units proposed for the Miraflores (Oishi/Sakai) nursery redevelopment project in Richmond cannot be built and it is possible that more nursery structures can be saved and placed in this buffer zone. The President now reported that it now appears that the buffer zone may actually be 300 feet, not 150 feet. Regarding the Historical Society's room at the new city hall, the President reported that there has not been any significant progress on getting access to the room nor has there been any progress on ordering furniture for the new room.


The program for the meeting was a video about TEPCO, the old Technical Porcelain & Chinaware Company in El Cerrito . Given the general interest in TEPCO around the area and the scarcity of significant information about TEPCO operations, the Society made a particular effort to publicize the topic of the meeting. As a result, a number of people from out of the area came to the meeting to see the video. The DVD was put together by Bev Chernoff and Jill Bauza, direct descendants of John Pagliero. The DVD ran about 25 minutes and left everyone in attendance stunned by its unexpected depth. The typical reaction to the DVD was “Unbelievable, it answered so many questions that I have always had and so many more that I never even thought to ask.” The Society furnished copies of the DVD to several of those in attendance and subsequently received a number of donations in return.


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