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How to help children get the most out of this site

To ensure that your child or student learns while enjoying use of this site, help them:

- Identify the skills they need to practice. (You might want to look at their report cards, or performance on assessments, homework or classwork. Find out what they are studying in class, or ask their teacher what they need to practice.)

- Select activities that support the skills they need to practice. Make sure they have not selected an activity that is too difficult or too easy.

- Move on to something new when they've learned all they can from a particular activity.

Additional notes:

- All of the activities linked are on other sites. Some were created by educators; Others are commercial. Some may contain advertising.

- Some use British English, so they may use different spellings such as the word ending -ise instead of -ize, or different word choices, such as torch instead of flashlight.

- The most important thing to watch for is that some activities many contain easy links to other games that are more arcade style, with less educational value. A good rule to use if you're using the site for educational purposes is: Play only the games listed on the site.

This can be checked by looking at the name of the activity they are using, and seeing if that is the activity listed on www.elcerritowire.com/learn . By using the Back button at the top of most browsers, you can step back from the screen the child is on to the link they took off the K-6 Resources site to see if they have strayed from the intended activity. Of course you can also look at the activity they are doing to see whether it uses the skill they are supposed to be practicing.

- Activities are organized by grade level based on the California Content Standards. Sometimes easier activities are included to provide review, and many activities include a range of difficulty levels. Sometimes you may wish to go to a lower grade level if a child needs additional review of basic skills before moving on to the skills targeted at their own grade level.

In moving to higher or lower grade levels, keep in mind that certain skills aren't covered at every grade level, so even if a child is working on activities at a higher grade level, they may be missing skills at their own grade level that they need to know.




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