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10/02/2010 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: El Cerrito has spending crisis, not revenue crisis

09/12/2010 : ELECTION: O’Malley announces new endorsements

06/08/2010 : June 8 state primary results

06/04/2010 : June 8 election information

08/30/2009 : ELECTION: 9/12 candidates endorse Clift for Congress

08/06/2009 : ELECTION: Write-in candidate files for Congressional seat

ELECTION: Woods announces endorsements

ELECTION: Republican Liberty Caucus endorses Clift

07/26/2009 : ELECTION: Announcements from congressional candidate Gary Clift

07/21/2009 : Register to vote by Aug. 17 for congressional special election

07/07/2009 : Special congressional elections Sept. 1 (primary) and Nov. 3 (general){state website}

Filing open through July 20 for Tauscher congressional seat

06/19/2009 : Congressional candidates at June 23 Democratic Club meeting

06/13/2009 : ELECTION: Congressional candidate Woods at Arlington Park June 21

10/19/2008 : OPINION: Former EC mayor says if Palin can be veep, he can too (links to Salon.com)

08/11/2008 : Filing for council race extended to Aug. 13

05/10/2008 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The choice is ours - Thurmond

12/29/2007 : Contra Costa County results for Feb. 5 election

Feb. 5 election information - state

11/12/2007 : City places street repair measure on Feb. 5 ballot

06/10/2007 : ELECTION: School parcel tax renewal supporters post website

09/17/2006 : School board candidate forums Oct. 11, 25, 28

09/11/2006 : School board election information from Bayside Council of PTAs

09/03/2006 : Democratic Club lists endorsements

Information on Nov. 7 general election

11/02/2004 : Contra Costa election results

10/31/2004 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tell the truth about K

10/29/2004 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote Yes on Measure K

10/28/2004 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: K supporters in a tizzy over wrong issue

10/27/2004 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Yes on El Cerrito Services means Yes on Saving Lives

10/24/2004 : El Cerrito Democratic Club election recommendations

El Cerrito Greens voter guide

10/11/2004 : Council candidate Daystar leads park to park walk Oct. 16

10/03/2004 : Election information from Contra Costa County

09/10/2004 : School board forums Oct. 6-25

Candidate information submitted to El Cerrito Greens

Greens meet Sept. 13 to consider endorsements

11/06/2002 : OPINION: Council election results easy to read

Potter unseats Perka in City Council race

School board incumbents re-elected

11/03/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Investigation requested into campaign practices

11/01/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Perka for City Council, no smear with her

10/31/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote Yes on Proposition 47

10/30/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: El Cerrito deserves better

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sleazy mailer disappointing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School board 2002, better or gooder?

ELECTION: Perka supporters cry foul over campaign mailer

10/29/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why I hope Mayor Dean wins in Berkeley

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supporting Kathie Perka for City Council

10/28/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unaware of Potter service on redevelopment committee

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support Perka for positive future

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sandi Potter for City Council

10/24/2002 : ELECTION: Worked with Potter on redevelopment board

10/23/2002 : ELECTION: Council candidate Potter addresses redevelopment committee question

10/01/2002 : ELECTION: El Cerrito Democratic Club endorsements

09/30/2002 : ELECTION: Kamb to speak at County Business & Professional Association Oct. 15

09/29/2002 : ELECTION: Kamb to address NAACP

09/27/2002 : ELECTION: SmartVoter website offers election information

09/26/2002 : ELECTION: School board candidates' forums continue through Oct. 30

09/15/2002 : Absentee ballot applications available on-line

09/11/2002 : ELECTION: Kamb to speak at Sept. 12 meeting in Hercules

09/07/2002 : ELECTION: School board candidate Kamb calls for wearing red,white and blue on Sept. 11

ELECTION: School board candidates Kamb announces TV appearances

08/29/2002 : El Cerrito Democratic Club City Council candidates' night Sept. 24

08/17/2002 : ELECTION: School board candidates' night at Democratic Club Aug. 27

08/13/2002 : ELECTION: Potter announces bid for council seat

08/10/2002 : ELECTION: Challenger says Tauscher's remark was tacky

08/09/2002 : ELECTION: Six candidates in school board race, three in council race

08/02/2002 : ELECTION: Glen Price announces bid for re-election to the school board

08/01/2002 : ELECTION: Janet Abelson announces council re-election bid

07/18/2002 : ELECTION: All incumbents plan to seek re-election in council, school board races

07/17/2002 : ELECTION: Announcements, commentary welcome on November election

07/15/2002 : ELECTION: Filing opens for council, school board races (updated July 16)

03/06/2002 : More election coverage (Rough & Tumble)

Text of Measure D school bond

03/05/2002 : School, community college bonds win; more Contra Costa County election results

State election results

03/04/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Measure D worth the risk

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Agree with Young on Measure D

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Measure D would make schools safe from collapse

03/03/2002 : El Cerrito High PTSA endorses Measure D

03/02/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: PIDO says yes on K

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Start the Take Responsibility Movement by voting yes on Measure D

02/28/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Worried about bond measures

02/27/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Smoke & mirrors again

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ramsey brochure best money can buy

02/25/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Use of funds projections for Measures E, M & D

02/24/2002 : No on Measure D website

02/23/2002 : Yes on Measure D website

02/21/2002 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Public servants, chumps and lackeys

02/10/2002 : Rules for primary election have changed (Berkeley Daily Planet)

Assembly candidates debate (Berkeley Daily Planet)

02/09/2002 : League of Women Voters election information

02/01/2002 : Creek advocates to meet with assembly candidate Loni Hancock Feb. 23

01/11/2002 : SCHOOLS COLUMN: Schools shouldn't have to beg

11/08/2001 : ELECTION/LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Moore thanks supporters

11/07/2001 : Brusatori, Friedman, Moore elected to council

11/06/2001 : Friedman, Brusatori, Moore elected to City Council

Voters trickle in, give variety of reasons for their choices in council election

Link to county election results website

11/05/2001 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR/ELECTION: Elect Tony Wise

11/03/2001 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR/ELECTION: Let's really tackle the hard questions

11/02/2001 : ELECTION: Wise receives his parents' endorsement

10/30/2001 : Consultant Darrell Reese's role in Richmond campaign (Chronicle)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The city needs Wise and Brusatori

10/28/2001 : ELECTION: State Senator Tom Torlakson endorses Brusatori

ELECTION:Brusatori endorsed by Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher

10/27/2001 : Light state ballot in March (Sacramento Bee)

10/23/2001 : ELECTION: Statement from Tony Wise, "Asking the hard questions everyone else is afraid to ask"

10/15/2001 : ELECTION: Friedman foregoes campaign signs and donates to New York relief

10/02/2001 : October El Cerrito Democratic Club newsletter, with election flier; annual dinner Oct. 13 features Bob Campbell

10/01/2001 : ELECTION: El Cerrito candidates forum to air Oct. 17, 21, 24, 30 and Nov. 4

09/30/2001 : Oct. 22 last day to register to vote for Nov. 6 election

Election background

09/23/2001 : ELECTION: Precinct walkers sought for Friedman, Moore campaigns Sept. 29

09/20/2001 : ELECTION: Statement from Gina Brusatori on El Cerrito Democratic Club candidates' forum

09/18/2001 : ELECTION: Statement from Tony Wise

09/13/2001 : El Cerrito Democratic Club hears from 3 of 4 council candidates at Sept. 12 forum (revised Sept. 15)

09/06/2001 : ELECTION: Friends of Baxter Creek to host candidates' night for El Cerrito, Richmond council candidates Oct. 11 (revised Oct. 4)

09/01/2001 : ELECTION: Moore candidate's statement

ELECTION: Moore campaign contact information

ELECTION: Moore statement to Democractic Club

08/30/2001 : El Cerrito Democratic Club candidates' night Sept. 12

08/17/2001 : Council candidates' statements of qualifications

08/15/2001 : Residents, candidates invited to submit council race information to the Wire

Friedman, Brusatori, Moore and Wise will compete for three council seats in Nov. 6 election

07/23/2001 : Friedman, Brusatori, Moore have filed for council election; period remains open until Aug. 15

07/03/2001 : OPINION: Do you know the difference between an aardvark and a council candidate?

07/02/2001 : Mayor Damon offers thoughts on decision not to run for re-election

06/29/2001 : Filing period for council open through at least Aug. 10; Brusatori says she will run again, Damon that he will not

11/08/2000 : School bond passes, other local results

CNN for national results

11/03/2000 : Update from Congressman Miller

County election results

10/31/2000 : Officials warn of election e-mail hoax (LA Times)

10/19/2000 : West County School Watch: Walking El Cerrito for Measure M Oct. 21

10/15/2000 : LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questions for candidates

Aroner, Miller, Gioia address El Cerrito Democrats at Oct. 14 dinner

10/12/2000 : League of Women Voters web site offers election information

10/07/2000 : LWV holding voter registration event Oct. 10

League of Women voters forum Oct. 17 on propositions

10/06/2000 : Deadline to register to vote Oct. 10!

09/22/2000 : West County School Watch Sept. 22: East Richmond perspective on Measure M

09/15/2000 : West County School Watch Sept. 15: Measure M, debt relief, Ed Fund

09/04/2000 : Measure M forum Sept. 25

08/25/2000 : West County School Watch, Aug. 25: Support for Measure M grows

03/27/2000 : Final results on Measure A from March ballot measure and previous articles

03/08/2000 : Election night results show pool-repair measure barely reaching required two-thirds, but some votes remain to be counted

02/01/2000 : Ballot propositions subject of Feb. 15 League of Women Voters program

01/07/2000 : Coverage of March 2000 election

11/01/1999 : Mayor's viewpoint on pool, Nov. 1999

10/02/1999 : Councilman La Force remains concerned about city finances as second term draws to a close

09/28/1999 : Council candidates agree on concern for city's financial future at Sept. 28 forum

09/07/1999 : Kathy Hennig profile provided for nov 2 1999 election

George Harris III profile provided for Nov 2 1999 election

09/01/1999 : John Cruger-Hansen profile for nov 2 1999 election

Council candidate profiles for Nov. 2 election

08/24/1999 : Democratic Club forum Aug 24 draws large crowd, comments on discontent with schools

08/01/1999 : Coverage of Nov. 2, 1999 Election

Jane Bartke reflects on council term


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