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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Canyon Trail tree letter -- Not so!

(Response to Peter Loubal letter on Canyon Trail trees)

Not so. We may disagree as to which ones, how many and when, but we all
want what is best (safest, cleanest, etc.) for the Park. We may differ as
to methods, but our differences have not, do not and will not cause rancor
and discontent as long as we retain intelligent and productive discourse.
The real threat in all this is premature and/or polarized viewpoints,
intentional mis-characterizations as to what this is all about (clear
cutting indeed!) and the use of rhetorical bombast or fear tactics when
reasoned logic and compromise should be our guiding principles. The
citizens, and I mean ALL interested parties, have been and remain a integral
part of this whole decision making process. I personally intend to keep it
that way in spite of being sorely provoked by well calculated inflammatory
statements and/or ascribing to others what are obviously false positions. I
hope you distinguish yourself by doing the same.

Larry Damon
Run dates: 2001-03-07 - 2001-03-21

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