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Energy update from state Senator Don Perata (May 11)

The recent, unanticipated rise in energy costs will be paid from money
otherwise used for services to children, the mentally ill, disabled, and
other local services. To counterbalance this, I have introduced SB 77x, to
protect classrooms, mental health and programs for the disabled by
reimbursing school districts and counties for their energy costs.

Since 1999, the state has made strong, progressive commitments to improving
these long-neglected services. That progress is quickly eroding as school
districts and counties pay huge, unexpected utility bills. We must stop it.

I favor using state funds to repay 80% of the energy increases in school
districts and counties.

The other 20% would be met by better conservation.

I know returning money to schools and disabled services will mean cutting
elsewhere in the state budget. But what's more important than serving the
young and the vulnerable?

As always, I value your input.

P.S. I've also taken the liberty of attaching a link to a site sponsored by
the San Francisco Chronicle which you may find informative.

Run dates: 2001-05-12 - 2001-05-17

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