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Work party Saturday, May 19, for library native garden

This Saturday, May 19, you are invited to a second work party to establish
a native plant garden at the El Cerrito Library. If you're interested, show
up any time between 8:30 am - 1:00 pm.

El Cerrito Earth Day, May 28, was the kickoff for this project. Fifteen of
us removed ivy from the west side of the library. Some of us have worked at
the site since this time to clear out more ivy roots. A city contractor
also came in to grind down two old tree stumps. This week the city will be
going in with a backhoe to break up and remove some of the large roots from
the stumps, and ivy roots.

I would advise wearing long pants and boots if you can, as there is a lot
of loose dirt and sawdust (from the ground tree stumps), and it gets in
your shoes. Wear sun protection gear as needed.

I will bring gloves, some tools, and refreshments. If you have any
additional tools, such as mattocks or fairly heavy duty clippers or loppers
for thick roots, and shovels, those would also be helpful. It is possible
that we may also need tools, such as rakes, to sift out roots cut up by the

Thanks to Laurel Balyeat-Morrison, who will bring a key to allow us access
to the public bathrooms at the Fairmount Park clubhouse. (The library will
be opening at 1:00).

I believe (and hope!) Saturday will be the last day of work before we
prepare the area for planting. Due to the sawdust from what I'm told is a
monterey pine stump, we will need to amend the soil to counteract the
acidity of the pine, and replenish nitrogen that will be depleted by the
breakdown of raw wood material. I will bring amendments on Saturday just in
case there is time to do this.

If we are able to complete both of these tasks on Saturday, planting will
ensue. My first planting goal is to get the 8 flats of annuals in the
ground. Many are rootbound already and desperately need to be planted! If
the soil is adequately prepared on Saturday, I will be coming in on Sunday
morning at 9:00 am to begin planting. Any other hardy souls are invited to
join me.

I would also like to schedule a day to plant the perennials and shrubs on
the following Saturday the 26th, beginning at 8:30 am.

Thanks for all your help! If you need any more information, please call or
email me.

Carla Koop

Run dates: 2001-05-16 - 2001-05-19

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