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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More investigation of tree cutting needed

At the April El Cerrito City Council meeting Council Members directed
city officials to determine a long range plan for trees in city parks
prior to cutting Monterey Pines in Canyon Trail Park. They were directed
to cut only diseased trees and those in imminent danger of causing
damage. Now 13 trees, not all diseased or dangerous, are proposed to be
cut by June 15 and several others within 6 months, prior to the
publication of a long range plan and contrary to the wishes of citizens
and information provided by experts. Dr. Andrew J. Storer, a well known
naturalist from UC Berkeley, indicates that this is the "worst time of
year to be cutting trees."

Some investigation regarding the timing and extent of tree cutting in El
Cerrito seems pertinent.

Katherine Logan

Run dates: 2001-06-15 - 2001-06-29

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