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Filing period for council open through at least Aug. 10; Brusatori says she will run again, Damon that he will not

Packets for registered El Cerrito voters interested in running for City Council will be available from City Clerk Linda Giddings from July 16 through Aug. 10. If any of the incumbents choose not to seek re-election, as is expected, non-incumbents will have an additional 5 calendar days, extending the deadline to Aug. 15.

The terms of three council members -- Mark Friedman, Larry Damon and Gina Brusatori -- end this year. Damon has said he will not run for re-election, Brusatori has said she will run, and Friedman is undecided.

Because the city is in the midst of switching from odd-year to even-year elections, those elected in November will serve three-year terms, rather than the usual four. There will be another election next year, for the seats now held by Kathie Perka and Janet Abelson, and those will be for four years.

Candidates must return completed nomination papers, candidate's statement, a statement of economic interests (Form 700), and a filing fee of $400 payable to the City of El Cerrito. The $400 is to cover the cost of the 300-word candidate's statement that is mailed to voters with other election material. When the city is billed by the county for the actual cost of the statements, candidates are refunded or billed for the difference.

The candidate's statement remains confidential until the close of the nomination period.

Candidates are also given a voluntary code of fair campaign practices to sign, date and return.

Council members receive $441 a month and are also eligible to pay for medical and dental insurance if they wish.

Run dates: 2001-06-29 - 2001-06-22

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