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Council candidates' statements of qualifications

Below are the Candidates' Statements of Qualifications from the four candidates for three City Council seats in the November election. These will be sent to voters along with their sample ballots.

The statements are posted as .pdf files. You will need Acrobat Reader, which many people already have on their systems, to download the files. If you don't already have this free software, please see the * Adobe Acrobat Reader site.

Listed with each candidate's name is his or her age and occupation, as listed on the statement.

Gina Brusatori , 44, banker/councilmember

Mark Friedman , 50, executive director

Letitia Moore, 36, environmental attorney

Tony Wise, 35, El Cerrito business owner

Run dates: 2001-08-17 - 2001-11-06

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