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ELECTION: Statement from Tony Wise

The Alternative Candidate, Tony Wise says, " I believe it is a privilege to live in El Cerrito not a city guaranteed right." He takes that privilege seriously Wise moved out of his parents home on Colusa Avenue in El Cerrito when he was 18 years old. Tony said, “ I knew I wanted to live in El Cerrito and give my kids a chance to grow up in this wonderful city like I did. I put myself through Contra Costa Junior college and graduated from San Francisco State University. While living in Richmond for 13 years, working two jobs and raising my family, I saved every penny I could to buy a house here in El Cerrito. I am proud when I say that I live in El Cerrito because it reminds me of all of the hard work and ongoing sacrifices that it takes to live here.

Unlike Mark Friedman and Letitia Moore, Tony Wise believes it is not El Cerrito's responsibility to house all of Contra Costa County with low-income apartments. Wise states, “We must encourage housing alternatives like condominiums.” Condominiums would be perfect in El Cerrito. They would attract people that would make a long-term investment in our city.” Wise’s input as a member of the Economic Development Board urged the Mill and Lumber project to allow for more commercial and office space on San Pablo avenue before giving it the board's endorsement. Gina Brusatori as liaison for the board and Mark Friedman were both aware of the board's requirements for endorsements and voted for the Mill and Lumber project anyway. Moore voted for the lumber project on the planning commission and at the ECDC forum stated, “I don’t think we need more retail than that at this point.” Councilwoman Kathy Perka who was at many of the Economic Development Board (EDB) meetings when Brusatori was absent voted against the project as it was presented. Perka felt as did the EDB; without meeting the minor requests that the developer had promised the EDB, she could not vote for the project. Wise strongly believes that the San Pablo corridor needs to be protected for commercial and office space. Wise said, “If apartments have to be built on San Pablo Avenue to attract developers by making it more lucrative for them, then we need to have area specific guidelines that will specify the size and amount of apartments on San Pablo avenue and keep the emphasis on commercial and office space where tax revenue for our city is generated!”

State law already requires a certain amount of affordable housing within redevelopment areas and we should follow state law. But some of Tony’s fellow candidates are encouraging more policies for VERY-LOW income housing throughout El Cerrito, above and beyond state law. Doing so would be detrimental to strong economic development while penalizing specific developers. Tony says “ Low income housing is not the answer.” Wise encourages economic development and does not want low-income housing policies to be a deterrent to future developers and investors in our great city. The prosperity from future economic growth and development will be the key to generating sales tax dollars needed to invest in our schools, parks, new City Hall, community services and social programs that will make El Cerrito the best place to live in the Bay Area.

Because of Tony Wise you have a choice,

Vote Wisely, Vote Tony Wise !

From the Committee to Elect Tony Wise.

We need to hear from you the voters so please write or E-mail me at "granters@pacbell.net" with your thoughts and concerns.

Vote for Tony Wise on November 6th. If you are able to enclose a campaign contribution of any amount, We thank you gratefully, as it is very costly to run an election campaign. Make checks payable to “Committee to Elect Tony Wise” 10064 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530 510-525-5860 (any contributions over $99 must be accompanied by contributor’s name, occupation, and company.) Campaign #1237694. If you believe in what Tony wants to do for our city, please copy this and give it to at least three friends and neighbors. Endorsements and people to walk precincts and make phone calls are still needed. This is a true grassroots campaign!

Run dates: 2001-09-18 - 2001-10-03

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