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ELECTION: Statement from Gina Brusatori on El Cerrito Democratic Club candidates' forum

It was unfortunate that I was stranded in Chicago after the National Tragedy
and could not participate in the ECDC Candidates' Forum on September 12th. I
participated in the ECDC Forum on August 28th as one of the three Democratic
candidates and was well received. At the second forum, it was unfortunate that
while I received support from a majority of the ECDC members, a minority
prevented me from receiving the supermajority of votes required for endorsement.
If for no other reason, the majority recognized that three people will be
elected to three council seats this November and that it is important to endorse
all three mainstream Democrats.

Following the September 12th Forum, I have received strong encouragement from
many ECDC members who have individually endorsed me and also phoned to express
their support. I am proud to be a Democrat and a member of ECDC. I am pleased
that the ECDC is willing to give equal time to the three Democratic candidates
on the campaign flyer, which I consider a positive gesture. I look forward to
working with the ECDC in the future.

Gina Brusatori

Run dates: 2001-09-20 - 2001-10-04

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