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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What was Loubal trying to accomplish?

My attention has just been called to Peter Loubal's "Ugly Duckling" letter
on the El Cerrito Wire. Since it's content pretty much defines its merit,
providing a rebuttal would only give it a dignity it does not deserve.
Content aside, reasonable questions have been raised. I am not running for
re-election so ,"What is the purpose of such a letter? What is Loubal
trying to accomplish?" Perhaps I can shed some light on this.

I am pretty satisfied with all the Council accomplished over the last four
years. It would seem, therefore, that as a matter of basic protocol I would
support both Mark Friedman and Gina Brusatori; the colleagues I worked with
to get where we are. Unfortunately, while I do support Mark Friedman, some
basic principles prevent me from supporting Gina Brusatori. It is not
because of her hysterical outbursts during Council meetings; I have accepted
those as something she can't control. Nor is it her vitriolic
finger-pointing and accusations; they defeat themselves. And her
absenteeism is explained by her job which requires a lot of travel. She is
just simply gone a lot.

The reason I cannot support Brusatori is much more fundamental. Basically,
it is because she tried to dissuade other candidates from running and limit
the field to three candidates for three seats. If she accomplished this,
then an election could have been precluded and Brusatori could remain on the
Council without even campaigning. No doubt, this would fit her travel plans
quite nicely. But, while she might feel entitled to a Council seat as a
self-anointed divine right, I still cannot support anyone that would try to
deny our citizens of their right to an election. Campaigning is one thing,
suppressing an election is another.

Now, I have to admit that I was fairly and openly warned that I would have
to suffer the consequences when I first made these feelings evident. The
consequences mentioned at the time were publication of a series of
vilification's, humiliations, and embarrassments calculated to undermine my
credibility so any impact on Brusatori's re-election efforts would be
diminished. The Brusatori campaign realizes, of course, that they would
have to do this through third parties. Loubal is closely aligned with
Brusatori, her husband and their political aspirations. Nevertheless, the
Brusatori campaign also realizes that direct and open support from Peter
Loubal would probably cost them at least 500 votes. Everyone knows why. So
while Loubal might be a pariah as far as direct support is concerned, he can
nevertheless serve the useful purpose of making good on the threats leveled
at me. His "Ugly Duckling" letter is quite obviously the predictable

Such tactics do not bother me. I know who I am and what I am and, while I
wish I was better, I have come to acceptance. By acting as they have,
however, the pro-Brusatori forces are defining who they are and what they
are. The question they have to worry about is, will the citizens of El
Cerrito come to acceptance?

Suddenly, candidates Tony Wise and Letitia Moore look very, very good and
very decent.

Larry Damon, Mayor
City of El Cerrito

Run dates: 2001-09-26 - 2001-10-10

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