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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Friends of Baxter Creek update, sale information

The 2nd Annual Friends of Baxter Creek Plant Sale is Saturday June 3rd, 10
am to 3 pm. There will be plants, planters, plant books, some food,
entertainment, and people to talk about plans for the Creek and plants,
native and exotic. Also Friends of Baxter Creek t-shirts featuring frogs in
front and "Life's a Ditch, Baxter Creek isn't" on the back. The best plants sell
out early, so try and come in the morning.

The sale is at El Cerrito's Baxter Creek, at the northern end of the Ohlone
Greeway, one block east of San Pablo Ave. (across from Home Depot), on Key
Blvd @ Conlon.

There has been progress since last year. Friends of Baxter Creek is now
under the non profit wings of the Aquatic Outreach Insitute in Richmond.
Hundreds more people know about our "creeklet" and our embryo park. Many
want to see the Ohlone Greenway connected to the future Greenway along the
BART track in Richmond, so one can eventually bike or stroll all the way
from Berkely to Richmond and the Bay trail. Others realize Baxter's
potential as a small urban park, badly needed in the crowded industrial and
commercial San Pablo Ave. area. Friends of Baxter Creek have a web site at

The use of "biospheres," small areas of land reclaimed from industrial
areas, replanted with native plants, is spreading. These little greenspaces
literally "give us a breathing space" in the midst of the noxious air and
noise of the modern world. They enhance the quality of life in the
commercial and residential areas around them.

This year's Plant Sale organizer is Emmy Damon @ 510-233-5795.
Come and see Baxter Creek, donate plants or money, buy plants
and garden things. Talk with plant, creek and park lovers. Enjoy!

Rosemary Loubal, El Cerrito
Run dates: 2000-05-29 - 2000-06-03

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