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ELECTION: Friedman foregoes campaign signs and donates to New York relief

By Mark Friedman, Incumbent Councilmember and Candidate

This is a particularly troubling time for many of us. In the aftermath of last month’s tragic events on the East Coast, the last thing on many people’s minds is our upcoming city council election on November 6th.

In recognition of this situation and in order to help our dedicated firefighters raise funds for the families of fallen New York firefighters, I have decided to forego the expense of campaign signs and to donate money to the El Cerrito Firefighters fund for New York relief.

One thing the tragedy in New York has made clear is the importance of local government. The firefighters and police of New York were first on the scene and remain on the scene putting themselves at risk to save lives. The Mayor of New York has been roundly praised for the compassionate and tireless way he has dealt with the crisis. Helping a community pull together in times of crisis and to meet challenges is one of the most critical roles of city government.

Here in El Cerrito we have not had to face such a tragedy and we pray that we never will, but it is imperative that we have wise and caring leadership to help us prepare for whatever comes. Our right to vote is central to the freedoms that are the core of democracy. I urge my fellow El Cerrito residents to vote on November 6th.

I hope that as you evaluate the candidates you will decide to return me to office for another term. In the four years I have had the privilege of serving the community, I have always tried to treat everyone with respect and good humor and make decisions that are in the short and long term best interests of all our citizens.

Among the initiatives I have spearheaded or supported are:

Revitalizing the El Cerrito Plaza

Creating and implementing an economic development plan
Increasing our budget reserves to the highest level in history
Restoring our creeks and protecting the environment
Protecting our children from tobacco marketing and sales
Opening new quality child care facilities
Working to improve the quality of our public schools
Building a new swim center and improving our streets and parks

If you and your neighbors elect me to serve another term my priorities will be to:

Support our firefighters, police, and community to prepare for disasters
Continue efforts for sustainable economic development
Work with the school district to improve play fields and after-school opportunities for our children
Work to build a new BART Parking Garage and shuttle bus system
Build a new civic center without new taxes that will include a senior center, library, historical museum, and city hall
Create our first arts commission to encourage our local arts community

So, please join the El Cerrito Professional Firefighters Association, the Sierra Club, the El Cerrito Democratic Club, Congressman George Miller, Assemblywoman Dion Aroner, Supervisor John Gioia, school board member Glen Price, the Contra Costa Central Labor Council, members of the business community, and many of your neighbors in supporting the effort to Re-Elect Mark Friedman on November 6th.

Run dates: 2001-10-15 - 2001-10-29

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