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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The city needs Wise and Brusatori

If the citizens of El Cerrito are desirous of seeing their city filled with low cost housing ,apartments and a Mecca for transients,and U.C.students, they will vote for Letitia Moore.

If on the other hand they wish a city of owner-occupied residences, and a balance of commercial and office use, they will vote for Tony Wise and Gina Brusatori.Incumbent Brusatori has a record of significant accomplishment for the City and is deserving of continuing in office to further much needed program of capital improvements, the building of a City Hall worthy of its citizenry, and the improvement of our streets and public transportation.

Candidate Wise will bring to the Council an experienced business background and a vigorous and realistic approach to housing. He is a person of vision and I heartily recommend his election.

The City of El Cerrito needs them both. Vote for Gina Brusatori and Tony Wise.

William P. Olivito

Run dates: 2001-10-30 - 2001-11-06

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