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ELECTION: Wise receives his parents' endorsement

Tony Wise, Receives Endorsement by: Ralph and Joan Wise (Tony's dad and mom)

Tony's grandfather and I served as El Cerrito police officers from 1967 to 1980 and Tony's mother worked for the El Cerrito Parks and Recreation Department while Tony was growing up in El Cerrito. Mike Aaronian, the principal at El Cerrito High School, was the parks director at Cerrito Vista where Tony participated in the Parks and Recreation programs that were offered by the city at the time. Tony knows most of the city's police officers and volunteers his services to the Department whenever they are needed. Tony Wise understands the vital need for well-trained, well-equipped firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians -- the guardians of public safety. Why would El Cerrito firefighters choose to align themselves with the Community Coalition for a better El Cerrito? This is a group of contactors and developers that live outside of El Cerrito and donate thousands of dollars to endorse only three candidates, excluding my son, and this deserves looking into.

What and who are the Community Coalition For A Better El Cerrito and why are developers from outside of El Cerrito donating so much money to it? What ties do the EC firefighters have to it and why are they donating money to them? Why did the two incumbents try and talk my son out of running? What did the other three candidates have to promises to get the support of the coalition and the firefighters?

Tony is a 3rd generation El Cerritan and a product of El Cerrito. My son is not a career politician but he is a CONCERNED EL CERRITAN, and a college educated businessman. It is apparent that there are outside business interests at work in this election, which have contributed large sums of money in an attempt to thwart Tony's bid for a council seat. They want to ensure that their specific goals in this city are protected. Without Tony running there would be no election this year! Tony believes the city of El Cerrito deserves a choice. For this reason he has chosen to run for city council this term, for the people of El Cerrito! He was raised to be both honest and moral and to stand up for what he believes. He loves this city that he was raised in and has worked hard to earn enough money to buy a house and raise yet a 4th generation here. When elected he will bring to the council new and vigorous ideas which will benefit both the residential and business communities of El Cerrito and be a TRUE voice for the people in their city government. Tony has accepted only one endorsement and that is from his family so he owes no political favors and is free to make decisions that are in the best interest of the city of El Cerrito. For these reasons I urge any person who cares about the welfare and continued prosperity of El Cerrito to vote for Tony Wise, my son, for city council.

Ralph and Joan Wise

Run dates: 2001-11-02 - 2001-11-06

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