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Help fill El Cerrito High teacher wish list

ECHS teachers have given to the PTSA their Wish List of enrichment items.
The PTSA will try to help ‘grant some of their wishes’ in two ways-one
through donations and one by purchasing them.

Below is a list of some of their ‘wish list’ things. They are items we think
many of you may have in your home/office that you no longer need.

Read through this list and if there is anything on it that you would like to
give to the teachers, just email me and I will ‘hook you up’ with the
appropriate teacher. You can then take care of the logistics.

World Atlas
Globe on a pedestal
Small couch
Used toaster-for cooking class
Used hot plate-for cooking class
Any cooking utensils and supplies for cooking
Long worktables
Old magazines-fashion and home decorating subjects
Old Nature magazines
TV monitor
Audio book tapes
Large Golden harp!
Fish food
Volunteers to help fix school lab computers.

If you can provide any of these items, please email jsbayat@home.com .
Run dates: 2001-11-15 - 2001-11-29

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