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City offering child safety seat inspections

The El Cerrito Police Department is offering Child Seat Inspection to El Cerrito residents. Officer Stephen Bonini has recently completed training sponsored by the Nurses and Cops Caring Coalition of Contra Costa County.

It is estimated that 80 to 85 percent of child safety seats currently in use are either misused or installed incorrectly. Statistics have shown the child safety seats used properly can decrease the chances of a child being injured by over 60%.

Officer Bonini is making himself available to conduct inspections of child safety seats to ensure that they are properly installed. El Cerrito residents can schedule an appointment for a Child Safety Seat Inspection by contacting Officer Bonini’s voice mail at (510) 215-4414 extension 5.

Officer Bonini will return their call and schedule an appointment; Officer Bonini currently works on the weekends and this is when a majority of the inspections will be conducted. Each inspection will take approximately 30-45 minutes; residents requesting the inspection will need to bring the car seat and child with them to confirm proper installation.

Any questions or inquiries regarding this incident should be referred to Officer Stephen J. Bonini, El Cerrito Police Department (510) 215-4400

Run dates: 2001-11-26 - 2001-12-31

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