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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you Congresswoman Tauscher

The editor of the West County Times remonstrated Ellen Tauscher for voting against Fast Track (1-10-02) She responded on 1-12-02 that California families and businesses need meaningful extensions of unemployment benefits before Bush needs Trade Promotion Authority.

Fast track, a tool of free trade and the World Trade Organization, is designed to circumvent communication, education and discussion - the hallmarks of democracy.

Consider these exerpts from the International Forum on Globalization Bulletin Special Poverty Issue:

Since 1983 there has been almost no trickle down of economic growth to the average U.S. family.

More than 40 percent of all earnings gains have gone to the richest 1 percent. (Corporate executives get great bonuses for unemploying thousands of families)

In 1999 the average compensation package of a top U.S. Chief Executive, including bonuses and stock options, was 475 times that of the average blue-collar worker
(The WTO and IMF have contributed to world hunger because) the poor in fertile developing countries stand by watching with empty hands and empty stomachs while ample harvests (of crops they can't use) are exported for hard cash (to pay off the interest on their loans).

(Because nations and domestic regions woo corporations by abolishing their taxes) countries that wish to continue providing social insurance to their citizens must cut safety net programs.

South Africa is an example of the results of water price increases and privatization brought on by the World Bank and IMF loan conditions. Those who were too poor to pay for their water had their supplies cut off. They then resorted to polluted water, resulting in an outbreak of cholera.

One fourth of almost 500 American corporate executives polled by the Wall Street Journal admitted that they were very likely to use NAFTA as a bargaining chip to hold down wages.

This report does not even mention WTO deals of environmental degradation.

Fast track gives the president power to enact these "trade" deals with the least flack from us.

Thank you, Representative Tauscher, for voting against secrecy and for voting for your people.

Joan Bartulovich
Run dates: 2002-01-13 - 2002-01-27

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