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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Website offers information on proposed federal budget


Today I received this e-mail from the National Priorities Project:

"President Bush released his FY2003 Budget on Monday, February 4th. To find an analysis and breakdown of what his budget proposes to do, go to:

In summary, the Bush Administration budget would increase the military budget by $397 billion, an amount that is more than the combined military spending of the entire rest of the world. It would cut back on job training, community development, certain education programs and other initiatives targeted to help children and families. Finally, it would accelerate and make permanent tax cuts for the wealthy, while cutting corporate taxes such as the alternative minimum tax.

This email -- and what accompanies it on our website -- marks the first of regular updates and analyses regarding the FY2003 budget process. We will keep you posted as soon as new information is available on our website.

If you would like to join our email list, please email us at info@natprior.org to subscribe."

Joan Bartulovich
Run dates: 2002-02-08 - 2002-02-22

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