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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ramsey brochure best money can buy


I was just reading Charles Ramsey’s (State Assembly candidate 14th district) campaign brochure, “Courage”. Without a doubt, it is the best that money can buy.

However, the brochure’s message is a message of deceit. Ramsey is the pedagogical ideologue, “with no real experience”, identified in the brochure. Ramsey is personally responsible for losing yet another generation (the ‘90s) of primarily black and Hispanic West County youth to “fashionable, politically correct” and totally ineffective “school reform” like “heterogeneous grouping” (detracking) and “block scheduling”. Because of Ramsey’s vociferous support of detracking expansion to all grade levels at El Cerrito High School, that historically solid school has been designated an “under performing (IIUSP) school” by the Department of Education. 69% of the entire ECHS student body reads below grade level with under performance ranging from a high of 80%+ for blacks and Hispanics to a low of 37% for non-Hispanic Caucasians. Another Ramsey supported “school reform”, block scheduling, has 75% of the ECHS student body receiving only 270 classroom minutes-a-day, compared to the 360 minutes-a-day received by HS students in central county. Policies, Ramsey’s policies, not poverty, are the reason for the continuing decline of educational performance in the WeCCUSD.

Oh yeh, the money for “Courage”. It came from the Contra Costa Building Trades Assoc. based on the sweetheart deals Ramsey supported for the construction of the new Richmond Middle School. That project was approved by the voters in ’98 with an estimated cost of $16MM. It is currently “in budget” at $36MM. If you think California needs more school districts like the WeCCUSD, vote for Ramsey. I’m voting for David Brown because of his commitment to reading skill development.

For any of you who would like to review Ramsey in his own words, here is the sfgate archive link to the story and his quote from when he was busted for soliciting on West McArthur in Oakland,

James S. Young, El Cerrito

Run dates: 2002-02-27 - 2002-03-05

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