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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children need our help

Twelve million U.S. children under the age of 18, about 16%, live in poverty, defined by the government as income below $17,650 for a family of four. Undernourished children may suffer irreversible cognitive and psychological impairment.

Deborah Weinstein of the Children's Defense Fund said, "Other countries do a better job of protecting their children than the United States does. We don't do as much as other countries in terms of children's allowances, or family allowances through the tax system or social service system, and we don't offer the kind of income supplements or wage supplements that are offered in other countries.

The Children's Defense Fund is a private, nonprofit organization that lobbies on behalf of children. To learn how your church or organization may endorse the CDF, or to learn about the Movement to Leave No Child Behind, log on to www.childrensdefense.org. Deena Lahn is the Director of the Oakland office. (510) 663-3224, 101 Broadway, Oakland 94607. . Field organizer Karina Moreno, M.S. can be reached at (510) 663-1294, FAX (510) 663-1783, kmoreno@childrensdefense.org.

Joan Bartulovich
Run dates: 2002-03-18 - 2002-04-01

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