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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bay Vista sellout

Dear Editor:

It appears that the City of El Cerrito has made its bed with the devil

In this case its the Bay Vista Development. The city seems bound to continue
to do business with self-admitted violators of federal law: Zentner and Zentner, environmental consultants to the developer. In an effort to not be sued by the developer should the city decide not to allow the development to go through it has put itself in the moral and ethical position of being willing to do business with people and companies who have broken federal law. And they pursue a shell game of muddying the waters of their development plan to get profits clearly before the best interests of the city as a whole. Try a "Google search" of Zentner Red Legged Frogs and see the evidence plain as day. I ask that perhaps it's time for the state attorney general to take a closer look at the wheeling and dealing of our city. Just who appears to gain what from all this? El Cerrito looks to be a ready partner in this major hoodwink. But when the earth slides into the people below this development in next winter's El Nino, who will have the last laugh?

George McRae
Run dates: 2002-03-22 - 2002-04-05

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