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Adams School bulletin week of March 25

Special Announcement: 8th Grade Payment Date has been extended to Friday,
April 12 (end of 3rd quarter). 8th Grade Committee is seeking a few 7th
grade parents to help sell bottled water during Recognition Night. If
interested, please send an email to cchan2429@aol.com

March 25 (Mon) - Adams Music Fundraiser at Chevy's - 4pm to 10pm - 20% of the
proceeds will benefit the music department - See Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Aday
about obtaining the Chevy tickets for the evening

March 27 (Wed) - VAPA & SH Academies Career Fair

April 1 to 5 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Recess

School News:
Important phone numbers:
Main office - (510) 235-5464
Attendance Office - (510) 235-0281
PTA Voice Message System - (510) 464-1360, ext 70* (SEE NOTE BELOW)
Ms. Trevino, 6th grade counselor & English Learner students - 235-0278
Ms. Donleavy, 7th grade counselor - 235-0193
Ms. Mitchell, 8th grade counselor - 235-0153

* Please note included in the last PTA newsletter were a list of additional
voice message boxes for each teacher and staff member (the Classlink
Extension Log). Currently, however, the only phone available for teachers to
return calls is in the main office. Some of the voice messages boxes are not
active and are not ready to be used. Some of the voice message boxes do
contain helpful voice messages. If you are interested in using this system
to communicate with a staff member or teacher, please call the (510) 464-1360
number and put in the extension number of the teacher shown. Listen to hear
the message of the teacher. Most teachers are requesting that parents submit
written notes or write a note in the student's planner or contact their
student's counselors if they have any academic concerns. The school is
working on installing additional phone lines for teachers.

Breakfast items (bagel & cream cheese, orange juice) are on sale each morning
for 35 cents. Thank you to Ms. Pavlich, Mr. Ebner, Ms. Soun and Ms. Cunan
for organizing this activity.

Mrs. McCoy is coordinating the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Please call
Mrs. McCoy at 235-5464 if you are interested in serving on this committee.

Yearbooks are on sale. The cost has increased to $28. Purchase the
yearbooks at the Main Office - cash or money order only.

Adams Library Hours - 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM M, T, Th, F, 9:55 AM to 3:30PM Wed.
The library is open during both lunch periods daily. The library is closed
3rd period for Reading Period and closed after school the first Monday of
each month for Faculty meetings. Students may take Reading Renaissance
quizzes, check out books or use computers (with parental permission) during
library hours.

Lost & Found - Please have your students put their names inside their
textbooks, backpacks, PE clothes, and other personal items so the faculty and
staff may promptly return the lost items to their proper owner. The
following staff members handle lost items:

- Mrs. Kunaniec, Library - library books, textbooks, ID card, clothing
(note, clothing items are only held for one week before they are donated to a
local charity)
- Ms. Nichols, PE Dept - PE Clothing
- Mrs. Weinstein, Counselor's Office - glasses, wallets, backpacks and
anything of monetary value

Library Request: Adams Library is collecting empty ink jet cartridges from
computer printers for recycling. No ribbon or laser cartridges - just empty
ink jet cartridges. All proceeds are used to buy more ink for the library
printers. There is a box in the library to deposit the cartridges

Student Incentives - Mrs. Glover has been awarding students daily for good
social and academic behavior in the form of incentives called "Adams Apples".
Donations are welcome in the form of free books, fastfood coupons, other
small items which teenagers value, or monetary donations. If you are
interested in donating an item, please bring it to the main office.

PTA News:
Eighth Graders - April 12, 2002 is the deadline to pay your $10. Send your
$10 to Adams 8th Grade Activities, 5000 Patterson Circle, Richmond, CA
94805 or have your student bring their $10 to Janine Perez, attendance
office. Checks should be made payable to "Adams 8th Grade Activities"
please include your student's name on the check. Janine will issue a receipt
to the student. A list of the students who have paid will be given to the
Attendance Office and Main Office.

Special 8th grade email bulletins will be sent out on a regular basis to 8th
grade parents to communicate the status of the events. If you would like to
be included in the email group, please send your email address to

The 8th Grade Recognition Night will be Thursday, June 6. This will be a
formal event and students are to dress in black or white attire. The 8th
Grade Party will be Friday, June 14 from 9am to 12pm. The theme of the party
is "Fun in the Sun". Volunteers will be needed for both events.

The PTA voice message box is updated each week with announcements. It is
intended for parents who do not have email. Please pass the word on to
friends and neighbors who do not have email. The number to call is (510)
464-1360, ext 70

PTA presently has following fundraisers:
Albertson Community Cards - Shoppers at Albertson's can use this card while
shopping. A portion of their purchase will be donated to Adams. Come to a
PTA meeting to receive a card

Target Guest Cards - Shoppers at Target can designate Adams to receive a
portion of their portion. If you already have a Target card, please call
1-800-316-6142 or visit any Target store to designate Adams to receive
donations through this program.

Safeway - Shoppers at Safeway can help out the school by registering their
name, address, phone number and Safeway club card number with Connie Kucera.
Please send your name, address, phone number, and Safeway Card number to
cchan2429@aol.com. Information will be forwarded to the eScrip program at no
cost to the members. A portion of your purchase at Safeway will be donated
to Adams everytime you use your Safeway club card.

Internet shoppers can also benefit Adams by registering with
www.schoolpop.com. Over 250 online merchants are available - Some of the
merchants participating are: Office Depot, GAP, Barnes & Nobles, Disney store

Run dates: 2002-03-24 - 2002-03-30

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