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UC Extension class focuses on French cuisine

through your taste buds with UC Berkeley Extension's Travel With
Scholars program this summer. With the city as your kitchen, dining
room and wine cellar, immerse yourself in a three-week residential
program on the role of cuisine in the history of French civilization.

"The Culture of Food and Wine" examines the evolution of French
cuisine in the context of French culture, starting with the
international style of medieval feasting and the Italian influence in
the Renaissance and progressing to the recognizably French cuisine of
the Ancien Regime and the elaboration of the grand cuisine of the 19th
century. Field trips take students on gastronomic adventures to French
kitchens, a cooking school and the famous Rungis market.

The Paris program is housed in a hotel located in the 14th
arrondissement near Montparnasse. Classes are taught in English and
meet weekday mornings, leaving ample time to explore the city
independently and on scheduled field trips. The program will take
place July 7 to 27. The fee is $3,850 per person, double occupancy, or
$4,400 per person single occupancy. The fee includes hotel
accommodations, tuition, breakfast, some lunches and dinners and
scheduled field trips. Airfare is not included.

Instructor Leonard Johnson, UC Berkeley professor emeritus, has
taught courses on French literature and all periods of French history
and civilization, with a specialization on the 15th, 16th and 17th
centuries, during his 30 years at UC Berkeley.

For more information or to enroll, call Travel with Scholars at
415/252-5230. A complete listing of all UC Berkeley Extension travel
study programs is also available online at

UC Berkeley Extension was founded as the continuing education arm
of the University of California, Berkeley, in 1891. For a free catalog
of UC Berkeley Extension courses in the San Francisco Bay Area and
beyond, call toll-free 888/UC-SMART (888/827-6278) or order online at

Run dates: 2002-03-25 - 2002-04-15

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