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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Save Cerrito Theater

As a child I attended the Saturday Matinees at the El Cerrito
Theater and it is a cherished part of the living history of this little
City. As a Californian I have watched City Fathers throughout the East
Bay demolish historical structures in the name of progress, erasing
forever what is fast becoming a fairly shallow fund of historical
landmarks. One need only look as far as the local Historical Society to
see what we have let slip through our fingers. Hmmmm, whatever happened
to that old adobe? Oh, yeah, a Dog track.
The evaporation of Baby Boom Communities has raveged the fabric
of our neighborhoods. The institutions which held us together, such as
schools, lost their ability to bind people together as families and
their children left the community. Our cities struggle daily with the
effort to create great community but seem to see taxable commerce as the

only way to do it. The heart of the business district in El Cerrito
contains a Theater which holds more hearts and memories of neighbors
than anything you could construct. Don't fritter that away for a few
pieces of silver.

Michael Mejia

Run dates: 2002-04-19 - 2002-05-03

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