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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Arts commission for El Cerrito long overdue (NOTE DATE CHANGE ON MEETING!)

NOTE: This letter originally said that the council would be considering the
formation of an arts commission at its July 15 meeting. The issue is now
expected to go before the council in August.

El Cerrito is long overdue for an Arts and Culture Commission. The Parks
and Recreation department, who traditionally handles arts and crafts
related programs, are already overburdened. With so many different
cultural organizations and concerns in our city, and untapped government,
business and private resources, we are daily missing opportunities to
create a more cohesive and appealing community.

In August a proposal will be brought before the
City Council to create such a commission. Please show your
support in any way possible, by writing to or calling council members, and
especially, by attending the meeting this Monday evening. Let the Council
know that you recognize the benefits for our children, and local morale,
that would come from an organization devoted to furthering our cultural and
artistic presence.

Arlin Robins

Run dates: 2002-07-10 - 2002-07-24

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