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El Cerrito High families will get escrip information

El Cerrito High School Families:

Escrip Information is coming to you in your PTSA mailing this week.
Please check it out. Just phone in or log on your Safeway club number
and earn oodles of money for your students! Albany High School has
earned over $20,000 in the last year with their Escrip program. They
were able to sign up grandparents, friends and neighbors. No fee is
being charged and 2-5% of your Safeway purchases comes to the school. We
earned $1,976 this year with just 50 supporters.

If you shop at Andronico's, please register the credit card that you use
there with Escrip, and El Cerrito programs will receive 3-5% of your
purchase without any cost to you. Albertson's card is also in your PTSA
envelope. Please use it if you shop at Albertson's. We just received
$770 for the last three months of use by commited El Cerrito High

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. Pam Covillle at

Run dates: 2002-09-03 - 2002-09-17

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