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Forensic star continues to contribute to El Cerrito High

Oscar Shine, a graduating senior last year, came in first place at Nationals held in North Carolina last June. He won in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate category...this is a very big deal because in order to compete, he had to do well consistenly throughout the school year in preliminary tournaments held all over the country. He was then invited to attend Nationals, and won!! This is a huge coup for El Cerrito High School since it is one of very few public schools competing on the national circuit. He is now a freshman at UC Berkeley and continues to give back to ECHS by doing some volunteer coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everyone on the Forensics Squad and at ECHS are very proud of his accomplishments and his extremely wonderful and giving nature!! Way to go, Oscar!!!

Source: El Cerrito High email tree
Run dates: 2002-09-20 - 2002-10-04

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