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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Watch what you spray in your yard

Dear Editor:

This is a heads up on the Global Degradation letter from Joan Bartulovich. The same thing happened to me with a twist. My neighbor, in my old El Cerrito Neighborhood, thought he was doing me a favor when he sprayed the plot of ground on the side of my house with what he thought was a harmless weed spray. Lo and behold about a month later my Shasta Daisies and rock roses started to wither and the Shasta Daisies actually died. I called in a gardener and she diagnosed that the area had been sprayed with Roundup. I knew I hadn't sprayed (I actually am willing to tolerate a few weeds and believe in the old fashioned way called pulling them up by the roots, when I have the time). She suggested I talk to my neighbor. I did. He had sprayed in what he thought was a neighborly good deed. "Check the label," my gardener suggested to him. Sure enough it had roundup in it. Watch out for roundup. It kills everything, not just weeds. Needless to say, he apologized profusely.

Rebecca Hazlewood
Run dates: 2002-09-20 - 2002-10-03

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