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Action plans for Fairmont, 7 other schools approved by school board

The school board approved action plans for Fairmont and seven other schools at a special meeting April 13.

" Staff, parents and community members really did a great job developing and articulating some great action plans," said board president Glen Price. "Now it is our job to implement them and fulfill the objectives we have set out for ourselves. The challenges described by the plans are big ones but they also now clearly lay out the action steps needed to meet those challenges head on."

The action plans are part of the Public Schools Accountability Act. Under the act, control of low performing schools could eventually be taken over by the state if they don't meet goals for improvement. Districts are first being given a chance to improve selected schools themselves, with the help of state grants.

West Contra Costa was given $50,000 planning grants to develop two-year action plans for each of eight schools -- Fairmont, Helms, Grant, Wilson, Coronado, King, Tara Hills, and Murphy.

Approved plans must be submitted to the California Department of Education no later than April 15. Following approval by the school board and the state of California the schools will be eligible for grants of $168 per student for program implementation.

Consultants from a state-approved list worked with a team of school staff, parents and community members on the plans.

Run dates: 2000-04-13 - 2000-05-01

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