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Friends of El Cerrito Trees meeting Oct. 20

The tree meeting will be held on Sunday October 20 at 3:00 - 4:30 pm at Huber
Park. We'll meet in the Park's recreation building near the entrance, which is at the intersection of Sea View and Terrace. You can get there by going up Moeser and turning right on Seaview, then go about 4 curvy blocks til you get to the entrance. Or, go up Stockton, to Colusa which runs into Terrace.

Agenda items include:
1. Updates on the park landscape study and planning process
2. Update on City Council candidates' reported perspectives on
tree/environmental issues ...
3. Brief report on the Urban Forestry Conference - very useful!
4. Problems with recent tree/bush cutting in Poinsett and other parks??
5. Information on new " Tree Award"
6. Brief account of the tree-planting grant application, and next grant
proposals underway
7. Plan Discussion with City Attorney about the tree ordinance?
8. Hold meetings with Mark Friedman or other council members on tree issues?
9. Other issues and actions? (PLEASE SUGGEST ITEMS IF YOU WISH)
Please RSVP.

Deborah DiFruscia
Communications Manager
Friends of El Cerrito Trees

Run dates: 2002-10-17 - 2002-10-20

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