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El Cerrito High's John Adams wins local drum-off competition

John Adams, Percussionist and main drummer at El Cerrito High School has
recently won a Drum-off contest sponsored in part by Guitar Center.

Guitar Center holds a yearly competition that allows a drummer to show off
their stuff. The competition is based not only on the chops a drummer may
have but also their individual musicality.

This year the El Cerrito Guitar Center had 4 rounds of drum-offs and John
Adams was the overall winner. By winning this round, John is considered the
local champion and this qualified him for a regional competition held every
year in San Francisco. Although John was not guaranteed a spot in the
regional competition, he was very excited to be considered the best here in

The regional competition only has 10 spots in which to compete for. John
had one of the highest scores out of all 18 drummers, from all over the bay
area. This allowed him to have one of the 10 spots for regionals.

The regional competiton will be held at the the Hard Rock Cafe in San
Francisco, Pier 39 store. The event will be on November 14, 2002 at 9:00pm.

This is an exciting time for not only John Adams III, but also for us here
at El Cerrito High School. John has been a tremendous performer and great
student here in the music program, and we are exicted to see his
accomplishments. He will always be #1 here, no matter where he finishes in
the competition.

The Music Department and school wish John the best of luck in his next round
of the Drum-offs.

Source: El Cerrito High email tree

Run dates: 2002-10-18 - 2002-11-02

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