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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supporting Kathie Perka for City Council

Our household, as did many others in El Cerrito, received a campaign flier on Saturday that linked Kathie Perka, Bill Simon, and El Cerrito with "The Republican Agenda." Partisanship of this sort is in violation of the El Cerrito municipal code. A little follow-up and research have established that this mailing was not authorized nor created by the Perka campaign. It was, in fact, sent only to registered Democrats -- likely with the intention that its backlash would turn voters against her.

As Democrats we continue to support Kathie Perka, and value her contributions to El Cerrito. We encourage you to do the same.

Joe and Marcia Grossman
El Cerrito
Run dates: 2002-10-29 - 2002-11-05

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