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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why I hope Mayor Dean wins in Berkeley

Dear Editor:

Mayor Shirley Dean has done so much for Berkeley. I, as an El Cerrito resident, can see how much Berkeley has improved. As Berkeley goes so goes the adjacent towns such as Albany and El Cerrito.

Mayor Dean has facilitated a renovation of downtown Berkeley and University Avenue. She has supported a clean up of San Pablo Avenue. I am not afraid to walk on San Pablo Avenue anymore, even at night. During the summer of 2001 (due to a real estate glitch) I was forced to spend two weeks at the Golden Bear Inn on San Pablo at Cedar. I couldn't believe how open and free of crime the area felt. The blocks from Gilman to Cedar seemed to be a great blend between residential and business, with several very good restaurants.

I, as an El Cerrito resident, have never felt a more upbeat optimistic note from the keynote city in our sphere, Berkeley. I see Mayor Dean's impact being felt all over the East Bay, including our little burg of El Cerrito. Frankly, I cannot even understand why anyone would run against her, other than for politics. The goal of being Mayor is to run a well run city and Mayor Dean has done that.

Rebecca Hazlewood

Run dates: 2002-10-29 - 2002-11-05

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