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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sleazy mailer disappointing

I was very disappointed to receive the sleazy mailing over the weekend about Kathie Perka. Who put this out? Was it real estate developers? Was it other candidates for City council? It is sad to see local politics on the city level turn to misleading voters.

Kathie Perka is the best thing the El Cerrito City Council has going. For anyone who has attended council meetings it is clear that Kathie does what she thinks is best for the city of El Cerrito.

The mailing I got tried to make Kathie Perka and Bill Simon look like running mates. I'm no Bill Simon fan but I am a big Kathie Perka fan. Republicans and Democrats alike should make sure they vote next week - and re-elect Kathie Perka.

Steve Schliesser
El Cerrito

Run dates: 2002-10-30 - 2002-11-05

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