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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: El Cerrito deserves better

As a registered Democrat and El Cerrito Planning Commissioner, I was very disappointed to receive the recent mailings in support of Sandi Potter and in defamation of Kathie Perka.

I have worked with both Kathie and Sandi.
On November 5, I will vote again for Kathie Perka.
I will not vote for Sandi Potter or Janet Ableson.

Let me tell you why.

As a Democrat, I have been pleased to find myself in close agreement with Kathie Perka on virtually every local issue. Kathie has shown a pragmatic focus on what El Cerrito needs that has resulted in better roads, better shopping, and a new swim center. Who can argue with those results?

By contrast, Janet Ableson (whose own Republican affiliation I have always found puzzling) and Sandi Potter have brought partisanship to a new--and totally unnecessary--low.

As other writers to this forum have pointed out already, their attempts to smear Kathie by linking her with Bill Simon are disingenuous and ridiculous. Kathie has done nothing wrong, and she's done many things far better than right.

El Cerrito deserves better than this.
Please join me and other sensible Democrats in voting for Kathie Perka for City Council.

David Kippen

Run dates: 2002-10-30 - 2002-11-05

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