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Flu shots available

With flu season just around the corner, East Bay health officials are reminding residents that flu shots are still available from private health providers, at many drugs stores and at low cost flu shot clinics.

The closest location for flu clinics for El Cerrito residents is:
Public Health Department

39th St & Bissell Avenue Richmond

Contra Costa Health Services’ Public Health Division says seniors and individuals with diabetes, asthma, heart disease or chronic lung conditions like asthma are more likely to become seriously ill and develop complications if they get the flu, so they should get a flu shot now.

“More people die every year from flu and its complications than from any other vaccine-preventable disease,” says Dottie Langthorn, PHN, Immunization Coordinator for the Public Health Division.

County Public Health clinics are offering $5 flu shots every Friday afternoon through December 27, except on November 29 when clinics will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holidays. For more information about times and locations of these clinics, call (925) 313-6469. Pneumonia vaccines and Tetanus shots are also available for $10 at those times and locations. Fees can be waived for those unable to pay.

According to Langthorn, Contra Costa’s Immunization Coalition, led by the Immunization Program, is partnering with the California Department of Health Services, the California Region of the National Medical Association, local merchants and community organizations in a special effort to encourage African American communities to get the flu shot.

As part of the outreach campaign, merchants and senior centers are displaying posters and counter cards, businesses and churches are distributing emery boards, and coffee shops are using cup sleeves with the message “Over 50? Or have diabetes? Somebody needs a FLU SHOT.” (For more information about this outreach campaign, contact Dale Jenssen, Immunization Coalition Coordinator, at (925) 313-6362.)

According to the California Department of Health Services’ Immunization Branch, too many at-risk adults fail to obtain flu shots. State surveys show some of California’s ethnic groups have lower flu immunization rates than others. For example, nearly 70 percent of Caucasian seniors get their flu shots, compared to only 53 percent of African Americans in the same age group.

Source: Contra Costa Health Services
Run dates: 2002-11-21 - 2002-12-27

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