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Update on new Richmond middle school

Principal’s Bulletin: November, 2002
Lovonya DeJean Middle School
3400 Macdonald Ave. • Richmond, CA 94804-3003
(510) 412-5056 • Fax (510) 412-5060

Dear Students, Families, and Members of the Lovonya DeJean Middle School

I want to give you an update about the progress we are making towards
the exciting opening of our new school.

> In late October I met with the faculty and asked for their help in
recruiting parents for a parent advisory council for the school. We
will also be searching for students to join a student advisory council.
> I am also recruiting parents to form a parent group to work with me
and school staff to discuss curriculum and school climate issues. If
you are interested in becoming part of this important parent group,
please call (510) 412-5056. If your student is interested in joining
the student advisory council, please have her or him talk to their
classroom teacher.
> If your are a parent of an incoming DeJean Middle School sixth-grader,
and you have questions about the move, talk to your child’s sixth-grade
teacher. She or he may be able to answer your questions.

> Last month Superintendent Johnston, Kennedy High School Principal
Julio Franco and I visited middle schools and high schools in Chicago
that have implemented excellent technology programs. The purpose of our
visit was to observe the technology systems at these schools, with an
eye to implementing a similar system at DeJean Middle School.
> For the sake of consistency and continuity, our incoming sixth-grade
students will use the same textbooks they are currently using at their
elementary schools when they arrive at their new school.

> On November 21 we held an informational meeting at the Kennedy
cafeteria for our incoming sixth graders and their families.
> December 7, 2002 is our get-acquainted potluck for students, families,
and staff. Look for flyers to be sent home with your sixth-grade
> We are still working on a date for an evening tour, probably in
January sometime.
> The official first day of instruction is Tuesday, January 28, 2003.

> Hardwood floors have been installed in the gym, and are ready for
finishing, and crews have almost completed installation of the
> If you drive along 33rd Street you can now see the Alpha Wolf school
mascot logo on the outside of the gym building.
> Light fixtures have been installed in the library and almost all
classrooms. Lighting will soon be installed in the gym and
multi-purpose room.
> Carpet has been installed in the Library/Multi-media Center.
> Most of the cafeteria equipment has been delivered and installed.
> We expect student and teacher desks and chairs to be delivered later
this month (November).
> Learning walls consisting of dry erase boards, storage for curriculum
materials, built-in teacher computer stations, brackets for monitors and
vcr’s have been installed in the classrooms.
> The two basic classroom color schemes are forest green and pale green,
or burgundy and mauve. We tried very hard to match classroom furniture
to the classroom color schemes.

--Antoinette Henry-Evans, Principal, Lovonya DeJean Middle School

Run dates: 2002-11-28 - 2002-12-14

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