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Friends of El Cerrito Trees planning planting project

At its December meeting, Friends of El Cerrito Trees established some plans for the Tree-Planting Project. Below is a list of key points and tasks for the project, summarized from our meeting. We will need volunteers to help out on all activities.
Please contact Deborah at info@ectrees.org, or Ann at 510-965-1110, if you
can volunteer your time or have friends who want to help! Your time and
effort will be greatly appreciated!

Here are main points and tasks:

1. The main planting areas will be on parking strips of Richmond St (40
trees on 8 blocks between Potrero and Stockton) and 8 trees in Tassajara Park.

2. Our group is collaborating with City staff -- ie, Bruce King and
his staff -- who are fortunately going to help with digging holes and
transporting the trees, equipment, and water. (We met with Bruce recently
to discuss the activities.)

3. The projected dates for planting will be on Saturdays March 15, March
22, and if necessary March 29 or April 5, if rain is a problem or if we
need more time. We will confirm these dates with our City Staff
collaborators, and arrange logistics with them.

4. We will prepare a letter to residents along Richmond Street, to ask
them if they'd like to participate, and send them by mail. (Debbie
Difruscia will prepare a draft letter.)

5. We will also need "walkers" to talk with the residents, as followup the
letters with personal contact. Volunteers are needed for this!

6. Prepare flyers and advertisements to post in public places such as
grocery stores, schools, community centers, etc. Ross volunteered to draft

7. Prepare user-friendly guidelines and instructions for volunteers for
tree planting

8. Place announcements in local papers

9. Inform Scouts, boys/girls clubs, schools, and other youth groups to
invite their participation (Ann and Deb will help on this; more volunteers
are welcome)

10. Inform local churches ( Loubals volunteered; other volunteers welcome)

11. Inform other non-profit groups (eg, Friends of Baxter Creek) and city
council and Park & Rec commission members; invite them to participate

12. We will also need to select and purchase the trees in February at
Valley Crest Nursery, and arrange to get other supplies such as stakes and
soil amendments. (Estelle, a professional landscaper in the group,
volunteered to help with tree selection, and will help oversee tree planting.)

Source: Friends of El Cerrito email list
Run dates: 2002-12-26 - 2003-01-26

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