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OPINION: Art cows to the rescue


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OPINION: El Cerrito needs art, not art cows

Letter to the editor: That's not what I said

By Arlin Robins

It has come to my attention that I am being credited with recommending our
city adopt a more positive visual appeal by using "art cows" or "art
some-animal-to-be-named-at-a-later-time. " Although this may be a creative
way to add spark to our community, that was not my recommendation.

In an attempt to illustrate a current use of art to bring attention,
appeal, and actual money to a community, I mentioned the city of Chicago,
and, now, New Orleans. Chicago had a project where around 500 life-size
fiberglas cows were decorated by various artists and placed around the
city. (Chicago made its name and derived its importance in our country
because it became the railroad hub of our nation, and cattle was often
shipped there for butchering.) Cows made sense for Chicago. The project
brought a lot of positive attention to the city, and New Orleans is
emulating it using (I believe) fish or crustaceans.

Personally, I think the cow thing is being done enough, and as an artist,
prefer that we use our collective creativity to enhance El Cerrito's
environment and reputation in a unique way.

Of course, if everyone else wants to work with fiberglas animals, at least
we're getting more playful. Being an animal lover, I'll support something
of that nature. But I never suggested we follow along and do the exact
same thing other cities have already done.

El Cerrito has an abundance of talent, a beautiful climate, and as far as I
can tell, an intellegent population that can appreciate art. I strongly
recommend we utilize these to enhance our city. Given the appropriate
support, local artists can do a great deal to improve our quality of
living and make El Cerrito more appealing to businesses and families who
are considering a move here.

Run dates: 2000-07-02 - 2000-07-16

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