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Police seek witnesses to robbery, fight

On 02/14/03 at approximately 1900 hours, Officer Zink was patrolling the area of Blake and Lexington. Officer Zink saw the end of a fight and detained one subject. The subject turned out to be the victim of a robbery occurring in the 1600 block of Liberty St. The victim chased the suspect and was shot three times with a BB-gun. Officer Zink and other members of the El Cerrito Police Department established a perimeter in the area and arrested one subject. Christopher Lee Tugler, an 18year old black male from Richmond, was arrested and on his person was a small black BB-gun. The BB-gun looked like a semi automatic handgun.

During the investigation, a second victim called 911 to report a robbery near Potrero and Liberty St. Both victims positively identified Mr. Tugler as the assailant and the BB-gun found in his possession. Mr. Tugler was taken to the El Cerrito Police Department and booked for robbery, attempted robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. The El Cerrito Police Department would like to talk to anyone with information about the robbery or the short fight between one of the victims and Mr. Tugler. Mr. Tugler was taken to the Martinez Detention facility at the completion of booking. A criminal complaint will be sought with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. Any questions or inquirers about this case should be forwarded to Detective Steve Bonini at (510) 215-4422.

Run dates: 2003-02-16 - 2003-02-30

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