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Draft version of the Arts and Culture Commission Ordinance released

Below is a draft version of the Arts and Culture Commission Ordinance. This is the latest version of several drafts, having gone through various staff input as well as approval by the City Attorney. It is expected to be on the March 3 City Council Agenda.

This ordinance is only meant to formally create the Commission according to City Code. It does not (nor is it intended to) outline specific projects or focus. City staff has tried to create an inclusive outline, with basic guidelines as to how the Commission will function. This ordinance is similar in format to several other Arts Commission ordinances across the state of California.

The process for passing an ordinance includes the reading of the ordinance during at least two meetings. This ordinance will be on first reading at the meeting on the 3rd, and it will presumably have the second reading on March 17th. If all goes to plan, this means that the ordinance can then be passed on the 17th. Once the ordinance is passed and the Commission is officially created, it will be up to City Council to determine the timeframe for appointing Commissioners. This involves notice of vacancies, receiving applications, and holding interviews. The City Clerk will handle this process.

If you have comments or questions, contact Karen Pinkos, assistant to the city manager, preferably by Wednesday, February 26.

Karen Pinkos
Assistant to the City Manager
City of El Cerrito
10890 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito CA 94530
(510) 215-4302

(Information above from an email sent by Pinkos to several parties who had expressed interest in the commission.)

Arts and Culture Commission

A. There shall be an Arts and Culture Commission consisting of seven members. These members shall be representative of the various arts disciplines, including but not limited to: fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, art history, and arts education.

B. The Commission shall have the following powers and duties as stated below, and such others as assigned from time to time by the City Council:

a. To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to arts in the community;

b. Make recommendations to the City Council concerning the resources and needs of the community on the subject of the arts, opportunities for participation of artists and performers in City-sponsored activities, and ways to encourage community involvement in the arts;

c. Work cooperatively with City boards and commissions and other public and private organizations in creating and promoting art and cultural programs and activities within the City;

d. Coordinate and strengthen existing organizations in the arts and develop cooperation with regional organizations;

e. Make recommendations to the City Council regarding the funding of community art projects, including the search for private and public grants, and regarding the disbursement of revenues consistent with the needs of the community;

f. Review and make recommendations to the City Council upon all works of art to be acquired by the City, either by purchase, gift or otherwise, and exterior works of art installed in the City on public property;

g. Recommend to the City Council the adoption of such ordinances or policies as it may deem necessary for the administration and preservation of the arts and cultural development of the City.

Run dates: 2003-02-22 - 2003-03-03

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