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Peace vigil Sunday March 16 in Kensington

Arlington will be the site for a Kensington/El Cerrito area candle light
vigil for PEACE The vigil is being held world wide on Sunday. It will begin
in Australia at 7PM their time, and slowly sweep around the globe. If you
wish to participate, you may attend:

Candle Light Vigil for Peace
In front of Arlington Community Church
52 Arlington Ave.
Kensington, CA.
7:00 PM Sunday Evening, March. 16th
(Bring your own paper cup and candle. Candles will also be available)
> If you wish to check out more sites, or want to see more about what this
> all about, check the following:
> http://www.globalvigil.org
> Jim and Linda Young for the ACC Board of Missions and Social Justice

Run dates: 2003-03-15 - 2003-03-16

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